Baptism of a child

When a child is baptised it is a beginning rather than an end. He or she becomes a part of the church. In baptism parents promise to bring their child up in the community, faith and teachings of the Christian church. We look forward to the day when, through the love and nurture given by the church and the family, this child will acknowledge the Christian faith as his or her own (Confirmation). Those who are baptised and those who make promises are encouraged to take part regularly in worship, learning, serving, giving and experiencing pastoral care with other members of the congregation, and participating in the work of the church in serving the wider community, particularly those who are isolated or disadvantaged.

If a family feels unready to make this commitment, an alternative is to have a service of Thanksgiving and Blessing for the gift of a child. This is incorporated in a Sunday morning service and acknowledges the joy of the gift of a little child without requiring any new commitments on the part of parents.

Our minister will be happy to meet with you to discuss what you are seeking.

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Confirmation and Adult Baptism

Confirmation and Baptism classes are offered in the first part of each year. Teenagers generally prepare over a three to four month period with weekly sessions whilst the adult group is a little shorter. Confirmations and adult Baptisms generally occur at Easter and Pentecost.


If you have decided to have a Christian service of marriage our minister is happy to meet with you to discuss your plans. Generally there will four or more sessions, including pre-marriage counselling. Weddings can be conducted in our church or in other places.

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Our minister is willing to assist anyone who wishes to have a Christian funeral service either at the church or elsewhere. Please see the Funeral Service leaflet for further information.

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Readings and Hymns for the Funeral Service

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